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   I am a proud Native Texan and have lived in Tarrant County Precinct 4 for approximately 11 years. As proud as I am of what I have just told you, my greatest level of accomplishments is the pride and joy I have as a mother of three amazing adult children, seven grandchildren, and 14 precious great grandchildren.  One may think that I have taught them or influenced them, but they would be wrong. Most likely, I have actually learned more from them than they from me.

  I was born into a family of six children, but God has blessed me with an extended diverse family from all walks of life that has brought me a deeper sense of understanding of humankind that I would have lacked otherwise.

  I am seeking the office of Justice of the Peace in our Precinct 4 to serve all of us.  I have a long history of service to this community, the State of Texas, and the Federal government as well. I know I have the credentials to fulfill the duties of the office.  I will provide prompt and fair judgments in all cases brought before me based on experience, education, training and certifications as a mediator in the eyes of the state. I look forward to serving you.

  No one wakes up in the morning and says "YES, I get to go before the judge today!"  I believe that when a trained mediator gives both parties the opportunity to present their sides of any given challenge in a safe environment, without danger, apprehension is decreased.  Agreements are easier to reach and benefits both sides.

  I treasure connecting with as many fellow members of our precinct as possible. Please let me know the most convenient time and location to meet with you. Contact me at

  Click on the VOTER INFO link in the upper right corner of this page to find a listing of Zip Codes in Precinct 4.


Monday, February 19, 2018 3:45 PM

Early Voting Message and Election Day

Well, early voting begins tomorrow!
Before the first vote is cast, I need to thank each and everyone of the incredible people who already were in my life and all of the new people God has put in my path during the course of this campaign. Yes, we have a long way to go and a short time to get there, but together WE CAN make this happen!
For those of you who are not in this voting area, but have friends and family that are, or have shared my credentials with and have me on your Prayer Lists, God Bless and Thank you.

Monday, July 3, 2017 6:57 PM

Campaign News

Thank you for your patience, news items are still under construction.  

Committee to Elect Toni Rhodes Glover
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